Real Estate: The Most Stable Investment, But Not The Simplest

Let’s talk about real estate.

Let’s talk about it specifically as an asset class. Real estate is strong, stable, enduring.

With a real estate investment, you’re not going to suddenly just lose 50% in value just because somebody went to jail. You’re not going to see wild price swings due to some company’s strange new minting of a digital commodity or an NFT.

In fact, you’re not even going to see a lot of changes to your investment due to legislation. To be fair, the U.S. Congress and state legislators can put rules in place that change your real estate investment outcome, but you don’t tend to have big differences in net income or asset growth the way you do in some other types of asset classes. That’s part of what makes real estate so attractive to a lot of people who don’t like high-risk investing. But then there’s some work involved, too

The Digital Craze

Take cryptocurrency. It’s the new snazzy way to invest. There’s all of this opportunity to do things in an instant.

You can get on an exchange, buy and sell to your heart’s content. That’s especially easy with the whole range of features on today’s new online brokerage services. 

Or you can purchase things like precious metals quickly and conveniently.

Real estate is different. It takes patience. It takes a while to get into an asset, and a while to get out of it. There are some exceptions to this, like real estate investment trusts and tokenized real estate assets, but even in these situations, some complexities apply.


That’s the downside, many people would say, in real estate. The complexity, the forms that you have to fill out and hoops that you have to go through to get invested, or to divest yourself in real estate at the end of the process.

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