Frequently Asked






What kind of loan products do you have?

We have short and long-term loans available for flips, rentals, commercial deals, land development, and new-construction, and much more. We have a product for almost every real estate investment scenario. Contact us today to discuss any scenario!

What are all the costs involved in a loan?

Once we have the specs for your scenario requested on our quick app, we can pencil out all of your costs up front. Costs you will see from Locklin Capital may include:

1) Down payment

2) Origination fee

3) Processing/underwriting fee and sometimes

4) Appraisal fee.

*There will not be any hidden fees that jump out later.

How fast can you close?

We have the ability to close in less than 5 business days for many short-term loan scenarios in our primary markets. Our record is 24 hours!

We conduct an in-house desktop valuation to avoid waiting on a third-party appraisal. As soon as we have clean title, insurance, and all your loan documents we are good to go. For long-term loans, a formal appraisal is always required, which means we can close quickly after that report comes in.

Do you offer 100% financing?

Yes! We offer 100% loan-to-cost in the following states: GA, TN, TX, OK.

What are the requirements to be approved for a loan?

Unlike a bank or conventional mortgage lender, our loans are asset-based, meaning we weigh the strength of the investment itself more heavily than the borrower’s qualifications. However, we do have credit minimums that vary by state and we ensure the borrower has sufficient liquidity to see the project through. We do not have restrictions on your debt-to-income ratio, annual income, or experience.

Do you issue proof of fund letters?

If you are shopping for your next deal we are happy to send you a letter to prove you have funding ready to go. We just ask that you provide us with the property info so we can verify it is something we can lend on before issuing a preliminary commitment.