Five Things To Know About Our Fix And Flip Loans

At Locklin Capital, we take an elevated approach to real estate lending. We understand that the real estate investor’s strategy is often a sophisticated plan, in order to maximize profit and stay clear of major financial problems involved in this type of business.

With that in mind, we offer specialized fix and flip loans for investors who are trying to leverage the value of a property on a shorter timeline. Here are some of the aspects of these loans that stand out to borrowers as they try to figure out what’s best for funding their real estate operations. 

High LTC and LTV

One of the first things to know about these fix and flip loans is that customers can get up to 90% of loan to cost (LTC) or 75% LTV.

That means they can secure more free capital or cash against the value of the property to complete their projects short-term. The goal is often to recoup the cash and then be able to pay off the loan quickly.

High LTC and LTV helps, because if you’re not able to leverage the collateral as well, you have less money in your pocket for whatever you’re planning. We hear from many customers who appreciate these concessions because they work to make the deal feasible. 

Competitive Interest Rates

Our interest rates often start at 7.5%, which is pretty good for hard money lending and other types of real estate loans. Look around and you’ll see that competitive rates can be hard to come by. 

Low Points

While a customer might pay 1 to 3 points, there’s not an excessive number of these prepayment interest points required. Paying points pads the cost of a loan, and can be an obstacle for some types of investors.

No Experience Required

We also don’t require you to have a number of real estate projects under your belt in order to secure your fix and flip loan. That is a boon to newbies who are trying to establish themselves in a tight market. 

Credit Requirements

We also offer reasonable credit requirements for these types of real estate loans.

A credit rating over 600 is a typical guideline, and it’s usually easy for people with good credit to make this bar.

Talk to Locklin Capital about your real estate strategy today. We can help you to secure the funding that you need for a fix and flip strategy, or some other type of real estate investment project.