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To receive a pre-qualification and general pricing, complete the Borrower Info section only. To receive a preliminary term sheet for a specific property, please also fill out the Loan Info section. This application will not pull your credit. Our team will reach out right away to discuss your options and steps to close. We understand time is of the essence!

  • Borrower Info

  • How many properties have you purchased, rehabbed, then sold/refinanced in the last 3 years?
  • How many properties have you built then sold/refinanced in the last 3 years?
  • How many rental properties do you own?
  • Total liquid funds available for your down payment, closing costs, and holding costs.
  • Total assets minus total liabilities.
  • Estimate your middle FICO score.
  • Loan Info

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    What is the date on your contract? Leave blank if not under contract.
  • What is the general scope of work?
  • Enter 0 if square footage will remain the same.
  • Will the property be tenant-occupied or vacant at the time of closing?
  • We must have the following information to generate a quote: 1) Current or market rent 2) Annual taxes 3) Annual insurance 4) Annual HOA -- If you are requesting a refinance, please ALSO provide: 5) Original purchase date 6) Original purchase price 7) Rehab budget already completed 8) Existing loan balance
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